From October 1st 2011 until December 8th 2013, the space known as Cultivate Vyner Street was operated as a rather full-on artist-run challenge of a gallery. The sometimes rewarding, sometimes infuriating space was run, on a daily basis, by two artists, Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey. A constant never-closed run of some eighty group shows, solo shows and events over a non-stop period of twenty seven very active open-door months , we think we can feel rather pleased with what we achieved. Cultivate Vyner Street closed yesterday.

Cultivate Vyner Street closed yesterday and today, December 9th 2013 the idea of an art chute comes in to being, a whole new way of using the space, CULTIVATE EVOLVED and a collection of eight artists using the space as a permanent base to show (and sell) work, as well as to experiment, create, interact and generally use the corner room is a rather refreshing way.

The space will be open, as Cultivate always was, from 11.30am to 6pm Thursday until Sunday, we’ll have art filling the walls, we’ll be working in there. We welcome you to come and see what we’re doing, see what we’re exhibiting, chat, or just look without chatting, come explore and see. We don’t plan a never ending parade of openings, there won’t be any more group shows or artist calls, we did that for two and bit years and I think we all agree the time has come to refresh and evolve the space. We will operate with the same welcoming open door policy, for now you will find us via the same website and social media pages, this is an evolution of the space and a different way of using it. Eight artists working in a space, you can come in and see what we’re doing from Thursday onwards.

Eight artists in the space permanently and there will always be two special guest artists featuring on the walls, the ninth & tenth will be a guest. At the moment we propose that the guest artists will change every two weeks, it is important that we continue to feed new art and artists to you, important that we give other artists an outlet…

The in-house artists:

...and see our FULL LIST of ALL ARTISTS who have exhibited at CULTIVATE 2011-2014

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