From December 2013, the walls will be divided in to ten sections. Eight artists will be permanently sharing the building space and eight of the wall spaces, eight artists permanently housed in the space and showing an evolving collection of work. The ninth & tenth spaces will feature work from guest artists. The guest spaces will be refreshed every two weeks (so we can carry on with our now established Cultivate tradition of introducing exciting artists to those who visit the space). We invite artists based in the London area to contact us with a view to taking a turn to occupy the guest spaces for a two week period.


Opening Thursday 17th July - through until Wednesday 30th July

little summer benefits The by now annual LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS wall for 2014 will last for two sunny weeks, it will go up on July 16th and open on Thursday July 17th.

An affordable art event and a fund-raiser for our artist-run gallery space, the Little Summer Benefits wall will occupy one full wall at Cultivate Evolved (the rest of the gallery will be occupied by the six current in-house Cultivate Evolved artists).

We shall have a late evening opening on the 17th July and the gallery will be open for the usual regular gallery opening hours throughout the two weeks (besides Saturday 19th July when we shall be closed and taking part in A Fete Worse Than Death, Rivington Street, East London, for the day)

This year’s Little Summer Benefits call is an open one, the theme is also open. We are looking for exciting smaller pieces of art, the only rules are nothing (too much) bigger than A3 or 30cm x 42cm (including frame) and nothing on sale for more than £200 – paintings, prints, photographs, wall-based 3d work.

We intend a busy closely grouped exciting salon style hang and an evolving wall as pieces sell and are replaced by new pieces…

If you wish to be involved then drop an e.mail to put “Little Summer Benefits” in the subject line and we shall send full details

Want to get involved in our ever evolving artist-run space?

At the moment, we have the following opportunities for artists to get involved in our space right in the middle of Vyner Street.

The Guest space
We have two guest wall spaces at Cultivate Evolved, we invite artists to take up the guest spaces for two week periods, either with a body of work, a larger piece or… the space you get is 120cm x 290cm (with space on each side of the 120 so you can take up that entire space), there are plinths available for small 3d pieces.

For more details please email and we shall send you full details in terms of how to submit potential work and such. Mark your e.mail “CULTIVATE GUEST WALL”

Full-time member of Cultivate Evolved
We have an opening for a new full-time in-house artist at Cultivate Evolved. This involves you having a full time section of wall to exhibit your work as one of the eight permanent artists at the gallery, as well as being involved in other events we take part in as Cultivate. For full details please get in touch (you ideally need be London-based or willing to commute in, we all take turns looking after the space during opening hours, we’re talking three or four days a month each. You need to be a full time committed productive pro-active working artist please).

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